Back-end for Ionic2 - how to do session

I would like to make a real live application using Ionic2. Naturally I will need a back end to handle authentication, sessions, etc.

I would like to use a single codebase so I am guessing I need to use Express.js.

Is there a tutorial somewhere that describes this? Surprisingly I cannot find anything that is real clear. I assume we will need a Grunt or Gulp tool to build? A boilerplate project in GitHub would be helpful. Thanks for any guidance!


I actually have not work on express.js and any such codebase as of. And no tried yet too.
But below links may be useful for you… go through once…maybe you will get at least little idea to work upon this.

REST API authentication for your Ionic 2 app - Part 1 check out its Part 2 and Part 3 too…