Easiest node.js framework to build rest api?

I mean:

  • Regular rest api
  • auth and social auth
  • security
  • easy to integrate in ionic 2/angular 2 app

What is your suggestions? An github url to demo could be nice

For my backend ive been using firebase. Its really helpful handling auths, security, and is extremely good at working with ionic 2. After a few days of playing with the api i found their code really easy to follow. Here is an example of creating a new users in a database location of your choosing.

//gets the refrence to your database
var myDB = new Firebase('https://<YOUR-FIREBASE-NAME.firebaseio.com')
// Here, we are using our database ref as an object and calling a method from it.
  //we give our method(function) an email and password
  email: "RickShancaz@wabbadubbdubb.com", 
  password: "MortyIsCool"
//we have our call back function, it takes he error if one, and userdata if one.
    //the switch will run our error cases
      case 'EMAIL_TAKEN':
        console.log("The new users account can not be created becasue the email is already in use.");
      case 'INNVALID_EMAIL':
        console.log("The new users account can not be created because the email is invalid.");
        console.log("error creating user: ", error);
  //if it lord willin works.
  console.log("sucessfully created user: ". userdata.uid);

Yea i know Firebase I used it in the past, but its very limites because its realtime
And I node.js framework not baas…

Parse Server is a very good option these days. Works very well with any express site. In addition, parse server is free and very easy to use.

I know that this isn’t exactly a framework, but I think that you should consider.

I use express.js + mongoose for API server. Very easy.

And which module makes auth and social auth?

So this really isn’t a question about ionic or ionic 2. You might have better luck searching something Stackoverflow

Have a look at this.
I’ve used it with Mongoose and Express