Mean + ionic


i want to build a so called rich client application.
It should be accessible through a normal website and i want to make an app of that with ionic2.
But the problem is - i am very new to these technologies and I actually need some clarification.

The main question is: How to start?
I can start with express, npm, ionic and angular. Every technology has something to init a project.
So i would just start with express (& and its generator to init my project and build my “website” with angular2.
I think that is the easy part. But how to get ionic2 now into this project?
And how to deploy all of that? I just don’t get it. And i cannot find a tutorial where someone actually develops
a website and then uses ionic to make an app out of that. Or can I actually develop in “parallel”? I guess not.

I hope you can understand me. The coding itself is not that difficult. But to actually setup such a project and get the directory structure right is very difficult to me (since i am really new to these technologies).

Thanks in advance =)

hi, is the question too easy or “stupid”?
i would like to know whether ionic2 would be a standalone app and would communicate with the server through rest/sockets or would i actually have to integrate it into the mean/angular2 project?

Also we think about using meteor/angular2 with ionic2. But we would have the same question…