Rails backend with ionic 2

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I am new in ionic and I have some questions : can I implement a rails backend with ionic 2 ? Are there good guides or tutorials that I can follow ?

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These would be two different parts. The Rails backend would need to be a different part of your app, while the ionic app would just be a client that talk to the rails backend.

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Do I have to create two different project folder ? Or do i have to create one folder , and into this create the ionic and rails project ?

There aren’t useful guides about this. Can anyone help me ?
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The backend is completely separate from the app so it’s irrelevant whether the client app is Ionic 2 or anything else. The client just needs to know how to interact with it.

There are plenty of decent guides for creating a RESTful API (backend) and interacting with it from an app (frontend)

Backend: https://www.airpair.com/ruby-on-rails/posts/building-a-restful-api-in-a-rails-application
Frontend: http://blog.ionic.io/10-minutes-with-ionic-2-calling-an-api/


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