Augmented Reality for Ionic


I am trying to do a few of Augmented Reality projects such as 3D tracking and overlay animated 3d models on the camera preview. I have been trying to use the Wikitude starter plugin but I think there is not much information to move forward.

I would appreciate it if anyone could give me pointers to move forward or to suggest a native plugin to work with AR in Ionic2.



I’ve thought about this, and I’m not confident the framework is sufficiently performant. Have you tried any benchmark? For example, have you tested “classical” 3D animation in Ionic 2 and it’s fine? This seems like a situation in which native still has a big edge over hybrid. If you get something working that has decent performance, I’d like to know, because this is an interest of mine too.

Use ezAR

It’s pretty cool, there is also a forum and people are pretty helpful

and there are examples with ionic2 so pretty much everything to get you rollin’

see the blog and docs on site as well, you have examples there

Thanks for the idea @marko1943 .

Unfortunately I tried using both examples, but I got a blank/white screen in return.

Well thats weird - I suggest you post on ezAR forum about that.

I was running it earlier with Ionic 1.x and it all worked - haven’t tested with Ionic 2 but as I could see from people’s feedback it was working normally…

Similar issue in camera preview

Same here, I get a blank screen on Ionic 2

Is there a way to use Apple’s ARKit for this? Or we still do not have a plugin for Ionic/Crodova based on ARKit?

This is what I’m hoping for. From what I’ve been told, this will likely have to come from a Cordova wrapper for AR Kit, which will then have to be wrapped in ionic native… As far as I know, nobody has done this yet.