Are we at the point of recommending Ionic 2 for mobile web sites?

Hi everyone - I know this has been covered before, but things change fast and it has been a while since I’ve needed to consider Ionic for mobile website (opposed to native app).

I understand that there is a lot of progress regarding PWAs (exciting stuff), but what’s the consensus of using Ionic 2 to introduce some much needed UX goodness for mobile websites that still need broad-based mobile browser support? Or do I still need to fallback to using (gulp*) bootstrap/foundation/other-framework-here ?


With the www/build/main.js file on my simple test app weighing in at 5.3MB - seems like we’re not quite there yet?

Or am I missing something?

I have begin to deploy a mobile web app based on Ionic 2 / Firebase. Looks great but it takes 10seconds to launch … so I’m wondering if it’s a good choice.
Ionic 1 web app launch was more rapid …

Yes. I was missing ionic build --prod