Would you recommend Ionic 2 for offline webapps?


I am new to the boards and Ionic in general. So I am looking for some advisement on if Ionic would be a good tool to use on my next project. Thanks in advance for your help.

I am exploring whether Ionic 2 would be a good tool for me. I am looking to build a web app that will run on IOS. I need the app to load offline, with the ability to add records/data and later sync it to the server. Ideally, I would like to take advantage of push notifications as well.

I started doing some research and tutorials on progressive web apps online but got a little derailed when I learned that Service Workers aren’t yet supported on IOS. I read that ionic/cordova is a possible elegant solution.

Would you recommend Ionic 2 for my use case? And if so what plugins should I look into? Can you point me to any relevant tutorials or books?

Appreciate it!

I think the answer is, “Not yet, but very possibly by the end of the year.” So you might want to start now, because the framework is maturing. At the moment, Ionic is best on devices, and a focus on PWAs this year is part of their official development plan.