Are push notification and background mode work in Ionic1?

Hello Everyone , I am worried of the lack of documentation for Push Notification in Ionic 1 , I searched the Ionic1’s documentation but i didn’t find anything related to it ,

in other way , I am going to build an application that takes the user device’s acceleration in the background mode , then it will send the acceleration values to back-end-system via service , in certain case the back-end system will send a notification to user’s device , by Push Notification Plugin …

So is this possible to be done in Ionic 1 ?

Yes, why you wouldn’t be able to do it with ionic 1 ?

I am investigation about it .

These are two seperate problems:

  1. Doing stuff in background and communicate it to the server
  2. Sending a push notification when some information reaches the server

Both should be possible with all versions of Ionic.

Hi Sujan , I tried to use background mode in Ionic1 it doesn’t work like what’s app forever , once i close the application its no longer in the background mode . do you have any idea about this issue ?

I have no current experience with Ionic v1 so unfortunately can’t help. Maybe create a super simple project with a newly created Ionic project that implements background mode and shows the problem you are having - then create a new topic on this and ask the community how to solve this.