Doubt about push notificatons and background

Hello, i’m a newbie in ionic and i’d like to know if there’s a way to create background notifications like whatsapp’s, i’m not sure whether using push notifications is the right choice in this case or not.
Also, when putting the app in the background and accessing it again, it goes back to the main screen and all cached data is lost.

For the notifications you’d want to use in local notifications (

For the cached data, i don’t know without knowing your app’s logic it’s hard to know.

It’s no problem, i’m able to my app’s code here.

I’d like to know this framework’s limitations before keeping on learning
I’ve been learning, i’ve got the frontend and the firebase db connection. However, i need to know if it’s possible to make background notifications like whatsapp’s in Ionic. i´m reading the comments about this plugin in youtube and i have doubts. thanks

and sorry for this question…but i´m newbie