How to implement background service


i want to build an app that will have a sort of background service. When the mobile device receives an SMS the app will be automatically triggered. Is there support for such implementation in ionic/codava or should i use native code?


Not really much of an ionic issue, but there is this plugin for cordova.


Look at this thread on stackoverflow.


I has try cordova plugin background mode.
But get error ‘backgroundMode’ of undefined
I try debug and get window.plugin is undefined too


I can not figure what background-mode plugin useful for , because when I add this plugin or remove this plugin I also can make app receive push notification.
But when screen off after a few minutes , phone can not receive push notification.
It seem like need background service


@ncvken Did you solve this problem ?I need it badly.


Did you find the solution…


This plugin is not working in ios platform, i am stuck with this problem…
what should i do …please help me
I have to retrieve data from server using ajax if my ionic app is in background/minimize position…


Did you try web workers?