Archive failed : Fastlane with Ionic 3

Hello, I try to deploy my Ionic 3 App on Testflight in a first time.

But When I run my command : “sudo fastlane beta” I always have this error :

Check dependencies
Code Signing Error: No profile for team '(TEAM_ID)' matching 'match AppStore (APP_BUNDLE)' found:  Xcode couldn't find any provisioning profiles matching '(TEAM_ID)/match AppStore (APP_BUNDLE)'. Install the profile (by dragging and dropping it onto Xcode's dock item) or select a different one in the General tab of the target editor.
Code Signing Error: Code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 11.1'


I really don’t know what I have to do to solve this.

What I have done :

In first, I follow this to generate my certifcates and my profils
I haven’t problem with this. I can see my profils on my account developper iOS.

So I Installed plugin fastlane Ionic. And I edited my Fastfile like this :

fastlane_version "2.68.0"
generated_fastfile_id "(FAST LANE ID)"

default_platform :ios

desc "Submit a new Beta Build to Apple TestFlight"
desc "This will also make sure the profile is up to date"
lane :beta do
  match(type: "appstore")
  ionic(platform: 'ios')

My App File :

app_identifier "(APP_BUNDLE)"
apple_id "(MY APPLE ID)"
team_id "(TEAM_ID)"

But when I run : sudo fastlane beta , this step fail :
ionic cordova compile ios --release --device -- --packageType=app-store --developmentTeam=(TEAM_ID) --provisioningProfile=(PROFILE_GUID)

I am running into this as well… very frustrating!

OOOK I finally got past this by creating a manual build.json as specified here: