Architecture of an Ionic App

I have been developing in Ionic for the past two months. But till now I have not found out a perfect way of developing an Ionic app. Though the Ionic starter projects are extremely good to start with, But its not enough to know everything. The documentation is too good to start with. But they seem like scattered, especially the Java Script part.

  • How to handle the Back Button in both android and iOs. How to manage the Hardware Back button.
  • How to handle Authentication in an Ionic App
  • How does the State and Menu Bar Wok.

Or else can any one give me a dummy project where I can go through everything from start to end?

Although many of your points are valid, regarding authentication I have some thing to say.

Basically authentication is not really in scope of Ionic. It’s fully dependent on the framework or library that you will be using.

For example, if you use Parse or FireBase, they have their own authentication process and you can use them. Ionic can adopt to any kind of authentication process.