How Ionic Application Works?How about security in ionic applications?

How Ionic Application Works?How about security in ionic applications? I gonna build a Ticket reservation system using ionic? So first i want to know how Ionic applications works and Security is one of the major part in this project? What are the measures to build our project more secure and reliable?

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There’s essentially no security in the app. Put all security in the backend. That’s the only thing you can control. We put everything critical behind a Google gateway whose admin logins require 2-factor authentication.

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Mmm…Okay…what backend languag do you use in your application? @AaronSterling

We use a backend as a service – Firebase at the moment, though we’ve built the app so that we could plug in somewhere else. We probably won’t build our own backend until after first release, and then only if cost justifies it. Building the Ionic piece is hard enough right now.

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Thanks for your reply…@AaronSterling

What Aaron said, the code of your ionic app is basicaly js in a webview. Inspecting your app code is a trivial task.

All of the security and business logic should be on your server side.

As for the language for the backend its really a thing of preference. NodeJS is a good idea to keep it all js. I myself use PHP with Symfony.

Firebase and similar products are not a bad idea, but the experience with them is split. Someone finds them great, other people find own backend solutions better.

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