Architecture for a hybrid app and multiple location testing


I’m building my first hybrid app with ionic. I am using some plugins like and storing data with firebase.

I have two related questions regarding the app:

  1. Once the app is done and I push it to the app store what should be the architecture of the whole code base? Meaning - what do I put on a server out there for the app to communicate with, is it simply the angularJS code (assuming I have all api endpoints there as well)?
  2. How can I have the app tested from multiple locations?

Note I tried using Ionic View but the camera plugin is not responding. My thought is that the answer to question #1 above can also help me with testing (using test flight or similar to distriubute the app)

Thanks in advance,

I have simmilar problem with Ionic View. All used plugins do not work also tested with just network plugin also not workin.
Did i miss something? Do i need mac for ionic upload command?

I found what I was doing wrong as far as testing the ios app:
Previously I followed instructions such as to distribute the app to testers. However, the app included a few links (e.g. ‘/img/…’ to images) and when trying to run the app it froze.
After reading Images from image tag not loading in iOS emulator I changed all the relevant links (e.g. to ‘img/…’) and the distributed app is working.

So, what should have been clear from the get-go is that the ionic/angularjs mobile app should be encapsulated and only use RESTfull API calls to whatever external resources are needed.

The issue with Ionic View not working with plugins is different and might require a separate topic/thread.

Thank you!