Plugins, platforms and devapp

Just a simple question: do I need to add any platform, ionic native plug-ins or cordova native plugins to my project when testing on DevApp?

I have checked online docs and, even it works OK on iPhone, Android keeps showing the

[Warning] Native: deviceready did not fire within 2000ms. 
This can happen when plugins are in an inconsistent state. 
Try removing plugins from plugins/ and reinstalling them. (app.bundle.js, line 63826)


No matter which combination of platform/ionic-native/cordova-native includes I have tried.

I think it depends on how big your application is and how fast your mobile device is. Try to lazy load your pages and also try a production build. In dev mode the application is much slower than in production mode.

Maybe I’m mistaken but, DevApp does not rely on builds. It is all about ionic serve.
I have looked for “prod” options on “ionic serve” and there is no option to serve a “production build”.

I don’t know the inner workings of the DevApp, but maybe they are using cordova and are just swapping your web content in that app. So it could be a message from the underlying app.

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I believe this is an essential question. At least when trying to follow these tutorials:

and need to test before deploy.

I don’t think, that this plugin works with ionic view. Here you find supported plugins:

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