I've heard apple will reject any hybrid apps is that right?

I’m Android developer but I’ve seen friends use ionic to develop for iOS and Android
and that’s amazing and I love ionic I have started learning
html css JavaScript and angular for only develop apps for both of them Android and iOS
but recently I’ve heard some people talk about apple will reject any hybrid apps is that right because I got so sad about that and I wish that’s not true

and sorry for my bad English grammar I’m self taught

Could you link the source?

There are time to time wrong news about this subject on the internet, so I would say “of course no, they are not, Apple will not reject hybrid apps” but still it’s always good to control and validate the source first

Yep that’s a hoax

Duplicate All PhoneGap apps will be rejected by App Strore? Also Cordova? (hoax) or Apple store will reject any angularJS apps 1st of January 2018

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