Apple Pay - Does this work with Ionic?

I am looking for a yes/no answer on if it is possible to integrate Apple Pay with Ionic.

I have looked at a high level and can’t find an answer. There are lots of failed attempts and unanswered questions in this forum. I am using Stripe so it would need to work with that.

Any help hugely appreciated and also willing to pay for someone’s time if they have experience implementing it.

Currently I see three avenues:

  1. Ionic premium integrations (I don’t know anything about this but sent a request to sales):
    Integrate Apple Pay with Ionic - Ionic

  2. Using the native plugin: Apple Pay - Ionic Documentation
    No idea if anyone has gotten this to work however it is using this plugin which was last updated 2 years ago and is getting 224 downloads a week: cordova-plugin-applepay - npm

  3. Integrate apple pay via Stripe Elements and the web ( I haven’t looked into this yet)

cordova-plugin-inapppurchase 1.1.0 “In App Purchase”

which I used, it works well.

Thanks for the response @guange

This looks more popular but hasn’t been updated in 3 years and does not mention the words “Apple Pay” anywhere. Does it work with Apple Pay? It just mentions “in app purchase”.

Did you use Cordova or Capacitor?
I am using Capacitor.

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sorry , apple pay.
I have not done anything about it.