Has anyone successfully integrated Apple Pay with Ionic 2?

Hi Everyone,

I am looking to integrate Apple Pay into my application and I was wondering if anyone else had been successful in doing so with Ionic 2?

I have included this plugin: https://github.com/samkelleher/cordova-plugin-applepay into my application but every time I look to check whether the device can make payments, it just returns this device can make payments but has no supported cards. However, I have a test account attached to my Apple Wallet and test cards that are enabled and ready to be used (I tested them on the stripe testing examples).

I’d appreciate it if anyone has been successful in applying Apple Pay to their Ionic 2 application and any advice that can be given would be grateful.

Thank you!

Let me know if you ever got this answered. I am having the same issue. It works in the emulator but I tried two different iphones and I get the same error as you.

Did one of you report this as an issue for the Cordova plugin?