Incorporating Apple Pay/Stripe using https

We are using Stripe and are working on incorporating Apple Pay into our app. However, Apple Pay requires that all requests come from an origin with https protocol and on ios the protocol for the origin on a capacitor app is capacitor://localhost. I have combed every forum, stack overflow thread, etc. and have not come up with a solution yet. Has anyone successfully incorporated Apple Pay into their apps or figured out a way to send requests via https? (From this thread the latter seems unlikely).

Did you end up coming up with a solution?
I need to do the same.

Do you find a solution ? I have a similar issue

A very late response :sweat_smile: , but if you are an enterprise customer (or want to be!) you can use the officially supported @ionic/payments package to enable the use of Google and Apple Pay in your app. If you don’t, you could try the community @capacitor-community/stripe plugin, but that is Stripe only.

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As @thomasvidas said take a look at @capacitor-community/stripe.
The enterprise solution is very expensive if you are not a large organisation.

The solution is using the stripe capacitor plugin , i use it in my app and it works flawlessly