Apple §4.2 Minimum Functionality

I have a website which works very fine on mobile devices.

Customers want an app for this website.

My preferred solution is to create a very simple app which is roughly
only chrome which opens my website.

Unfortunately Apple §4.2 Minimum Functionality does not allow “repackaged websites”.

Is capacitor the right tool to create a native app which will be accepted by the apple rules?

Is there a way to keep the app very slim?

A website has the huge benefit that I can update it any time.

Updating a native app is much slower. To get it into the apple store takes several days.

I really would like to have daily code updates.

Can capacitor help here?

The technology used doesn’t matter. It’s the user experience. Using capacitor, cordova, or any other tool to just load a website will still get your app rejected.

You should be building a app experience, vs loading up your website. If you dont want that, then just keep a website.


Could you please elaborate “app experience”?

Can a website provide app experience?

According to apple, an app experience is using an “app like visual design, provide integration into device features, and be accessible without internet”.

That’s the gist of it anyways. Basically, don’t load a bootstrap designed site (or any other library) over the internet and try to pass it off as an app.

Build an app experience that can be installed on the device. It cannot remotely load the web content.
If you’re building with Ionic’s UI, then you’re fine as the design provides an app experience.

Hi, contact me directly. I understand what you’re saying. I’m sure I can help you and we can work it out to give you the update flexibility you’re looking for. Cheers.

Hi Daveshireman, thank you for trying to help here. Please share your knowledge here, this would help me and many other people.