Apple App Store approval issue with this?

Thinking of using Capacitor to serve a remote website, instead of bundling it in the app. The website is not an SPA/PWA and does not use a web framework; the website works fine on mobile, but in order to have notifications on iOS, we need an app. Hence, our thought of using Capacitor.

Does anyone know if this would run afoul of Apple’s guidelines? Would this otherwise present any problems?

Here is the relevant guideline that I think you may run into trouble with. “Notifications” seems like a very thin case for minimum functionality, but I am not speaking with authority here.

Thanks for your response. In addition to notifications, we’d also be integrating with the camera, as well as with the calendar. I’m not worried about the minimum functionality requirement, because there are many apps that provide roughly similar functionality to what we’re doing. I’m mainly worried about restrictions in loading an external website.

Then to reiterate, my understanding is that the most-often encountered “restriction in loading an external website” is the minimum functionality requirement, so if you’re feeling confident about minimum functionality, you should be good to go.

That being said, my opinion on this topic is worth what you have paid for it, so good luck.

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This is not recommended. Apple will likely reject your app since it is not “self-contained.” We do not recommend using the server url option for production apps for this reason.