Can I release a mobile optimized version of my online game on iOS using Capacitor?

I run a popular solitaire website (, and I’ve been thinking of creating an iOS version of the game.

Ideally, I’d like to simply load the website in my iOS app since the website itself is optimized for mobile. I’m afraid that Apple might reject the app since it’s basically just loading a website.

What do you think? Would Apple reject it? What would you do in the above scenario?

Thanks for the suggestion. How is GoNative different from Capacitor?

Those are 2 completely different things. I just found a website that converts your existing website to an app cause of what your post is indicating.

Rather than pointing your Capacitor app to your website, you can do the following

And voila! Your app is good to go and works offline. Apple usually rejects apps if it just points to a live website and there is no need to. But this way, your app will work offline. You will have to deploy a new version to the app store every time you want to make an update (unless you use a Live Update service like AppFlow), but you can automate that process pretty easily.

Thanks for the response @thomasvidas. I’m pretty sure that I tried this at some point, but for some reason it didn’t work with my React app. I think it might have something to do with server-side version of the react app.