App with 1350 html pages


Hi,I have 1350 html pages and i want to create an app in which the user can read the pages. Will there be an excessive overhead or in general will there be various problems caused by the large namber of these pages?
Thank you.


1350 html pages or articles? I find it hard to believe that you have 1350 unique pages.


They are html pages containing articles downloaded from a blog. They are simple pages with some <p> and <strong> tags. Total size is about 5MB.


Probably not the best way to go about doing this. I mean things will work, but what a maintenance nightmare! There must be some way that you can create templates and populate the templates with the data?


I think to create them in automatic way with a program for nodejs. I’ll take the body of the html page and i’ll put it in a template page.


You should definitely store the data in a database and just have a template to auto-populate it based off an identifier.


Ok, thank you for your idea.