Question to the Forum:

I am new in Ionic Framework - and i plan to develop a multi-platform App:

This should be mainly a learning E-Book (Content is in HTML5 and CSS) and a little bit progammed logic!
And this app should work also OFFLINE!

so it ist necessary to have most of the content locally stored in the app.

My problem is, that the e-book has about 600 pages and a lot of small images (prox 2000 with in sum 30mb).

i setup a test-project and played around to see, if i could realize this project!

With the new version - and lazzing loading - i realize now problems and no Diffference - if i Programm 1 page, 10 pages or 50 pages - the loading time of the app remains the same…
I belive also, i will not get a problem with the size of the app, because if i add a page - the size of the app grows up very slow…

my question is: does anybody from the community believe, that with 600 or a little more pages ( organized in sub-sub folders) this project will explode or i cross some unknown borders?

Thanks for any comment!!!


I don’t think you will actually have to create 600 pages - but 2 or 3 that load content dynamically from some kind of database or JSON file. And this will definitely be doable.

Sujan12 : Thanks for your answer!

JSON or DB can be stored locally or must be ONLINE?

i do not have dificulty to write 600 pages ! i have time enough…

question: in any case: i have to write and format all content in HTML ?
a lot of content exists already in htm (older version - must be cleanedl!!)

so, what is the differnce: write all content in html and store this content in DB or JSON and load this content dynamic --OR-- take this html-content and generate 600 pages in ionic? lazzy loading loads also one page at a time.

Thanks again,

As @Sujan12 said creating 600 ionic pages seems like an overkill. Just save the raw text data into a json file. And inside your ionic page just dynamicaly load the data from the json file.

So upon opening the app, it loads the data from the json file that you put localy in your src/assets file. After loading the file you display the data of the first book page to the user in the MainPage of the app. When the user is done with the first page you dynamicaly load the new content of the second book page to the MainPage, and so on.

Basicly make on html template in the book page and dynamicaly load data from the json file to it.

Thanks kgaspar!

I believe, to have one html template ist difficaulty, because the e-book should be a chemistry-learning book with a lot of images, video (=Online) and formula - every page is different from each other!

and if i format and design every page individually and store then all pages in a single DB or JSON file, makes for me not really a differnce.

the quuestion is only, if ionic will make troubles, if i setup a lot of pages (about 600 !)