Ionic performance for heavy mobile application

Planning to create Hybrid mobile app which will have more than 250 pages,It will be the heavy mobile app.will it be ok, if we use IONIC framework to create this type of mobile application?
please suggest.

what is on the pages? a manual or dynamic content? con you tell as more about the kind of your app?

PS: It shouldn’t be a problem when you use lazy loding.
Please tell as more about your app, maybe you don’t even need that much pages.

Pages will consist some of the form and form,Calendar,acknowledgement screen,etcwill be dynamic,App will have some native plugin.


I think nobody can tell you, because it depends to your components how heavy they are and what is for you or your customer accetable…

I’ m running apps with view pages to more than 500 pages and app has up to 100 custom component, some pages has thousand entrys with custom components that are not virtually loaded. Some pages takes a few seconds, what is acceptable in this cases, most page are real time, and some things I have skipped because a small delay of view 100ms is not aceptable caused by only one custom component on this page. Most pages are lazy loaded, some pages are normal loaded.

As you see the complete bandwith between fast and slow and acceptable and not acceptable.

Take that, where you have your most doubts and try it. Okay yoda says: don’t try, do it.

Best regards, anna-liebt

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