How many HTML pages can you have on your Ionic app?

What’s the maximum number of HTML pages you can have on Ionic app?

There is no technical maximum.

From a practical standpoint, you would probably want to use a “html” tempate that is filled with data from a database though instead of generating many actual static pages.

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It all depends how u look at it

Strictly spoken there is only ONE html pagen, called index.html (Single Page Aplication)

The other files with extension html are actually NOT html pages like most people know rhem but angular templates rendered into the dom. See main.js and u will see

While the nuance may be irrelevant for those who really understand it does bear relevance for anyone who believed u can put ANY true html stuff in angular html templates. Which is wrong.

And u can avoid lots of frustration really really REALLY understanding this architecture before developing ionic and/or angular