App that loads an external website in its central content and switches between pages of that domain by pressing options in a main application menu that is always visible

If We use the last IONIC plugin ‘InAppBrowser’ to show external URLs (a wordpress for example)
This is the principal central content in the app.

Is there an IONIC plugin that could present a native device-style menu bar, always visible (top or bottom) over the InAppBrowser.

The idea is to load / change between different urls into the central InAppBrowser as the user interacts with this menu.

I can’t think of another way to ask this idea We are a bit lost,

Even though we have experience in applications with ionic, but we have doubts about how to divide the view of the ionic app in one part the InAppBrowser and in another the menu to load urls

Any other idea, estructure or plugins will be welcome

Thanks in advance

Here somebody is looking for a solution like me.

Please anybody who knows the solution?