Open a website with a InAppBrowser

Hi there, thanks for your time.

I’m trying to get some help for a ridiculous and most simple app you ever seen in your life. This is what i would like.

I would like my to make the blank Ionic theme show a specific webpage. It’s only this!

Without show navigation bar, or open on default browser. And put some ads, to monetize it.

I don’t wanna tabs, header, menus and nothing more. Just show some site with ads on the app.

How can I do that?
I have been tryed to use iframe on html body, but it doesnt work.

just divide the ionic view into 2 parts . The upper part your website wrapper and the second below part load your adds there.

Tow ways to do this :
using Cordova plugin : InAppBrowser as follow :

import {InAppBrowser} from ‘ionic-native’;
let browser =“”, ‘_blank’);

or simply by using window.location.href

where exactly i can write this ?
let browser =“”, ‘_blank’);