Problems load external website inside apps with ionic

Helo im darwin
im new to ionic

i’ve tried to create apps using ionic
Then i create footer menu,and make a link ( e.g )
i want when i click the link,the content of the apps changed to that url, but footer still show up at bottom of the screen

i googling for about two weeks and still dont find any solution

i’ve already try using iframe,but the result was bad… at some phone,it show very small although i set it to 100% width
at some phone,the iframe was more than 100% width ( because the url website content was 900 px width )

on some phone, the iframe width 100%, but the website didnt automatic scale, iframe show scroll horizontal

i’ve already stuck in this problem about 2 weeks, any idea please ?
sorry my english was bad

thanks for help

you need to use cordova in app browser

hi bob

thanks for reply

but the inappbrowser,it opened at new browser
i mean i have footer menu, but when i click the link ( URL website ), the content of the apps change to URL link, but footer still there ( not open new window )

any solution please help

thank you

Hello darwinmaxciti2014,

did you find any solution yet for the problem you raised here?