App rejected due to Live Update/IONIC Deploy feature


I am talking about the deploy feature that is mentioned here:

Is there a way to disable the live update feature while it is being reviewed. There should be an option to “freeze” live updates which will take care of this issue. My app just got rejected due to this.

App Store rejected my app because my app was telling the user, “we have made improvements to our app. Click ok to update”. They said, all updates to the app need to go through the app store. For now, I am made the live update “silent” to see if it will pass app store review. But that is a bad user experience, because the deploy feature shows a white screen for 2-4 seconds when it reloads the app.


Which “Live Update feature” are you referring to? We don’t really know what you implemented, so it’s hard to help you.


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Why don’t you just not release a newer update via Ionic Deploy while the app is in review? If there is no update, the app review team won’t see the UI.


Sujan, That is what I am struggling with. The app always thinks there is an update available for some reason. I don’t know how it detects there is an update available. I wish I could delete all the IONIC deploys I have made, so the app doesnt find any updates.


Ah, you are probably not using the “Versioning” tab in the “Edit version” modal of the deploy view? There you can define the “Equivalent” version of a deploy. You can read more about it here:

This should solve you problem.



Totally appreciate your help here. That solved my problem. Thanks again!


Was your app approved in the app store?