App not loading external images on iOS emulator

I am developing an app using the Ionic Framework. It loads some images over the network. I have already set <access origin="*"/> in my config.xml file.

Now on the Android emulator it loads every image but on the iOS emulator only the images which have URLs beginning with https:// are only loaded. Any image having URL beginning with http:// is showing a small blue question mark instead. All the images are loaded in the browser when I do a ionic serve.

Please help.

Is this on iOS9? If so, it may be to do with the below issue:

App Transport Security
iOS 9 introduces a new security feature that blocks non-HTTPS traffic in your app. However, this is a new feature that is only enabled for apps building with X Code 7 and iOS 9 SDK today. It will not break existing apps.

Since the changes above require recompilation, this will impact your development process and manfiest itself as a breaking change.

To fix, edit the MyApp-Info.plist file and add the contents of this patch.

Yes, it is iOS 9.

Thanks for the patch. It worked like a charm!