Images not loading on device or emulator

I am working on something that loads images from internet to cards, this is working fine on browser. But on device and emulator images are not loading and doesn’t loop through ng-repeat i am using JSON data with Urls. I want to load images from Urls.

Here is Code

<ion-content ng-controller="FileController" ng-init="loadImages()">
  <!-- <button class="button" ng-click="shareAnywhere()">Share anywhere</button> -->
  <div class="row responsive-md">
    <div class="row" ng-repeat="image in myJsonData" >
      <div class="col col-100" ng-if="$index < myJsonData.length">
         <div class="list card" id="dailyDose-card21">
          <div class=" item item-image">
            <img ng-src="{{myJsonData[$index].url}}" ng-click="download('{{myJsonData[$index].url}}')" width="100%" class="image"/>
          <div class="item item-body" id="dailyDose-list-item-container2"></div>
          <button id="dailyDose-button1" style="color:#6D6D6D;font-size:-1px;" class="button button-positive  button-icon icon ion-android-share-alt" ng-click="download('{{myJsonData[$index].url}}')"></button>
          <button id="dailyDose-button2" class="button button-light  button-icon icon ion-android-download"></button>


Here is how it looks in browser

Here is how it looks in device


Please Help Me Out.

Use the remote debugging in Chrome or Safari to look at your console. The url is probably off by a leading /


Thanks for replying @ChrisGriiffith , Can i do this remote debugging thing with an emulator? and how?

Yea remote debugging will work the same for connected physical devices as well as emulators running on the machine. Look at this documentation from google for instructions.

There is also Ionic specific documentation on that:

Did you try in production mode?