iOS 9 Content Loading Problem

on ios 9 iget this message:
Failed to load resource:xxx The resource could not be loaded because the App Transport Security policy requires the use of a secure connection.


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The error is saying that you need to use a secure connection, in other words https rather than http. This is not an ionic issue, but a new ios9 requirement

At the moment the new security method of iOS 9 doesn’t work even if your source uses TLS 1.2 and https. I suppose Cordova needs an update.

As a workaround you can add the following code in your app’s .plist (usually platforms/ios/<appname>/<appname>-Info.plist) to allow all network requests.




Thanks for the fix @ohh2ahh worked like a charm. I recently submitted an app and ran into quite a few errors. I cuagulated the errors and their fixes for other Ionic developers trying to use iOS 9 If anyone has run into other errors or has input on the current ones please message me and I’ll try and flesh out the info.

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Thanks for the blog post, I had the same issue with the iPad Settings Error and your solution worked for me.

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You can add the entry by creating a hook in your project hooks/after_prepare/, it will inject the needed lines on the info.plist

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Currently I have one drawback to load an external page within a view of ionic , I have CodeSigning- > ProvisioningProfile -> [ developer ] , the view I load normal, but when I put the profile of production do not load the https view of an external. HELP…