App is zoomed in on specific devices

Device 1
5 inch
720x1280 pixels
294 ppi pixel density
Android 4.2

Device 2(Miui Redmi 1s)
4.7 inch
720x1280 pixels
312 ppi pixel density
Android 4.4


Device 1

Device 2 (REDMI 1s) :-

On device 2 redmi 1s the the view-title sticks to the bottom of the ba-bar and in tabs , tab-titles overlapping with tab-icons

No extra styles are added !

**Any Solution? **

Someone Please Help With this issue…

Looks to me as the second device is somehow “zooming” all the text to 150%. Maybe a device option? Very difficult to handle in the app…

Ohhh… then it’s probably device text zooming … because i have not added any of the styles to text yet !
But, the app should have been responsive to device text zooming if applied :worried: Anyways thanks for the lead :smiley:

Well, some Android devices - especially Samsung and Chinese models - do very strange things to the interface of apps. So it is entirely possible that they implemented it in a way, that is no handled by strandard responsive CSS or breaks it by purpose.

Any other apps strange on that device, too? Especially Ionic ones?

happens with all ionic apps !!! rest of the apps are fine

Good, now you know it’s not your code.

Does is also happen to all Cordova/Phonegap based apps?

never tried any normal cordova/phonegap app on that device !! but i think it will

Do that and report back - it will get us from “Ionic bug” to “Cordova bug” or even “Webview bug”.

I had the same issue for a long time with an ACER tablet and some android devices.
This will solved the problem:

if (window.MobileAccessibility && window.MobileAccessibility.usePreferredTextZoom) {
try {
} catch(e) {

You need the plugin: phonegap-plugin-mobile-accessibility

The solution forces the text to always be at the same size, it works well on Android devices (Google Store).
Last time I tried to update my app on XiaoMi market, I got an update rejection that is why I added the try/catch.
I still haven’t updated again my app on that market, so I’m not sure for XiaoMi market if it will work.


Interesting, so you are basically turning off the “usePreferredTextZoom” feature as this is on by default on Android devices. Not good, but solves the problem…

I had these problem with ionic for quite a long time, it’s not the best solution but it works, and that was the most important, since only same devices have this issue.
I have other app without ionic, where i measure the height of a text in monospace font, with that value I can know the zoom factor. It works pretty well.

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