iOS 10 - Zoom setting

Hi everyone,

I’m developing an Ionic1 application, everything works great but some of my clients are using the zoom settings on their iPhone (which makes everything looks bigger, icon apps, fonts, …). In most application the zoom is not taking into account but on my it zooms everything and break most of my designs.

I already tries to add this to my index.html :

content="initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1, user-scalable=0, width=device-width"

But with no luck, do you know how to get rid of this zoom ?

Thanks !

Which one exactly? Where can you set it?

Hi, in Settings > Display & Brightness > Display zoom > Zoomed

Hmm, user-scalable takes yes|no as a param normally.

Yep, I used to have user-scalable=no but it didnt change anything, I tried the 0 after reading a post but with no luck…

The zoom applies to websites as well, right?
Does this meta tag work for a super simple website?

Ok I just tried, and the tag doesnt change anything on Safari either

Hm, then you have to try to find one that does :confused: Sorry, no experience myself.

Ok, thanks anyway for your answers ! :slight_smile: