Ionic 5 block display/text zoom

I am currently building a mobile Interface for a Browsergame, thought the mobile Design is quite responsive and is looking good on all tested devices (from a Samsung Galaxy S7 to a iPhone 12) its fine but if i enable the Display Zoom Setting from Android, the whole Layout becomes ugly. I know its usually not a good idea to block the user from zooming but there are alot of Information and too less space for extreme big texts.

I am using Ionic 5 with Capacitor 3, i added 2 images below of the “normal” Version and the largest display zoom version. I have been researching on this problem for the last 4-6 hours, tested several plugins like capacitor´s own mobile accessibility plugin but i guess its phonegap depency is depreciated or not functional atleast, the last Update is also more than 5 years old on that.

Is there anything i can do to fix this?

I solved my issue by using native code.

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@Reinert Like??? You can help me by explaining how you did it.

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