Resolution Issues ! Pixel units or Percentage unit?

Currently I am testing my app on two devices with following two devices (both Android):-

Device 1
5 inch
720x1280 pixels
294 ppi pixel density
Android 4.2

Device 2
4.7 inch
720x1280 pixels
312 ppi pixel density
Android 4.4

I made the app keeping Device 1 as reference.

When i tested it on Device 2

Scaling was not proper…

Pixel Density of the devices are bothering i guess.

There are so many devices with different Pixel densities , How to proceed with the testing of the app ?

What are the resolutions i should test it with so that it would manage any other resolution ?

Can this be managed with using percentage instead of pixels? or any other unit?

Please help i need to make my app almost similar on all devices

Thanks and help is appreciated

Some one help me with this issue ?

Atleast Suggest some standard Resolution sizes to create media queries !

On what resolutions should i apply media queries ?

What do you mean when you say ‘Scaling was not proper…’ ?

I never had to do anything specific for different screen sizes as ionic does most out of the box…

As i said both device’s are 720x1280 px devices still on second phone all font’s appear pretty big in size !

the nav bar view-title sticks to the the bottom of the nav-bar on 2nd device.

I even have tabs in my app , where tab-icon and text are overlapping on second device.

Everything appears like zoomed-in on 2nd device.