App crashing since updating iPhone to IOS 9.3.1


I’m having a weird issue since updating my iphone for testing on ios 9.3.1(on ionic 1)

the app simply crashes after the splashscreen. The iPhone loading icon keeps rotating.

I see the content but can’t touch any element, it’s just frozen. alerts are still working though… and ads display as well, every 3 mins as developed.

Note that the app is working fine in ionic view or in the browser and that there is no error in the console in XCode.

If anyone has the same problem and / or a solution…


I’ve got a similar problem with ionic 1.2.4 and ios 9.3.1.
The app is starting, the splashscreen is displayed, then my home screen stays empty.
I’ve got no crash . Everything is ok on ios 9.3.

Hi, thanx for answering

Yeah i didn’t have any problem on IOS 9.3 the days before. I will downgrad my iPhone then.

If anyone has a similar problem please share maybe it’s a major issue :slight_smile:

If anyone comes across this problem

It’s a splash screen issue:

For the fix, see this threads:

My app preformance is slowing down after I installed ios9.3.1 on my phone. Also I had to shut down my phone couple of times to get it workig again, after it disappeared when I was using it and then nothing respond. By the way I use ios@3.9.2, because 4.x.x does not with well with orientation so I avoid it.