How to troubleshoot stuck splash screen on iOS?

I have an app that works fine in iOS when deployed locally with “ionic cordova run ios -l --address=”, but and it works fine for me when deployed to TestFlight, but someone else can’t load the app at all, the app hangs on the splash screen.

It works fine for him if he builds it locally though.

Is there some way for us to see some logs from when he’s running it in Test Flight? Ideally not just crash logs, but some traces or custom messages that we insert so we can see exactly what it’s doing when it hangs?

Currently my fix when the crash on the splashscreen happens is to delete the platforms directory then rebuild it, which works. For awhile… And then mysteriously it starts freezing on the splashscreen again, requiring rebuilding the platforms directory again, and so on. I wish I could get some details about why that’s necessary.

Thanks for any help. And apologies if these are newbie questions, still wrapping my head around ionic.