Ionic App stuck in splash screen

Currently I have built two iPhone applications. In both apps, my app freezes on the splash screen without proceeding to the main page a majority of the time. Occasionally the app makes it beyond the splash screen. I have already tried re building the ios platform, but that seems to just be a temporary fix. Keep in mind I only run into this problem when I deploy the app on an actual phone not the ios simulator. This same problem occurs for both of my ios apps. Any suggestions?

sounds like javascript error.
Did you inspect you phone in safari?
–> if not inspect the app and run window.location.reload(); in javascript console.

After that you app gets reloaded --> check console output if there are any errors.

Couls be javascript error.

Maybe you are using cordova plugins before the device/cordova is ready

Not a javascript error. I practically have to remove and build my ios platform every time before I archive on Xcode. Any other suggestions?

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Try removing ionic-plugin-keyboard plugin