Announcing Ionic 4 beta!

  1. Why iOS header still iOS 10 style, not iOS 11 guides?
  2. Where Events component? (


Should we expect integration with Ionic v1? Would it be possible?


Events are still in the process of being documented, but they are there in @ionic/angular and work the same

As for the headers, we’ll review what needs to change and consider it for a future release.

Ionic 4 events not working


Where is the right place to post issues with the beta? In the process of migrating my ionic 3 to ionic 4 and can’t get a ion-menu to appear on the right with ion-split-pane.



Well done on release of the beta.

I think it might help if you give some idea of the following:

1: Number of Ionic staff working on the beta release.
2: What the priority is - documentation, bug fixing or simply production release.
3: Expected date for production release.


Any tutorial/guide/doc about v1 to v4 migration?


There is no direct migration path, similar to from Ionic v1 to Ionic 2/3.



I’ve come across some bugs with the ionic 4 beta. Should we just create new entries on the forums for the bugs we are dealing with?


Please use Thanks.


Thank you!

  1. We generally have around 7 people working on the framework each week. Not everyone is making changes directly to the framework, some are focused on the CLI and the tools we use to build the framework. We have a weekly meeting on Monday mornings where we discuss what we will be working on for that week and update the document here:

  2. Our priority is really all of the above. :slight_smile: We are working on bug fixes and documentation in order to get us to a stable production release. If you’re interested in what exact issues we’re working on, we’ve created project boards on the different projects and we are actively moving issues into in progress when we start work on them:

  3. We don’t have any set dates yet. We’ll have a release candidate out when we feel it is close to production but it all depends on how long it takes us to get the fixes in and in a stable state.

Rough Estimate Timeline for v4 release
Rough Estimate Timeline for v4 release

Thanks for the information @brandyshea I think it is amazing that so much has been achieved by so few.


npm install @angular/cli@latest


Hi Brandy,

Is anyone looking at the scrolling freezing issue on Ionic 4? (It’s the same as on 3, but not apparent in native Stencil)


I am starting out a new app, is it best to switch to ionic 4 bets or stick to ionic 3.9.1 ?

How stable is ionic 4 beta?

The migration from v3 to v4 seems a lot, especially the routing as ion-nav is said to be deprecated.


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Hi, Thanks for awesome Ionic. I have a question.
Which of the following will you recommend ?

  1. Ionic 4 + Angular
  2. Ionic 4 + React
  3. Ionic 4 + VueJs

We already have a production app in Ionic1.

We are looking to redo whole app using Ionic 4 + VueJs. Would it be good choice or you still feel Ionic4 + Angular is better? Considering the support which ionic will provide for issues related Ionic4 + Vue .


Is there a guide that talks about PWA and Ionic 4? Seems like there are a lot of changes in Ionic 4 for building a PWA. Also I am confused if you need this or not:

And if so how it applies to Ionic 4.


I’m with you on this. I’ve been following for months and I’ve built a Stencil PWA proof of concept with Ionic. Not sure if that compliments it, or if they are developed and maintained separately.

I also understand the business reason for using Angular in the initial release, but I don’t really see why I should use it when the Stencil + Ionic PWA seems fit for purpose. :expressionless:


Shall i use for Apps Development ? , It is supporting ?

Any one guide me.


Shall we upgrade from Version 1 to Version4 ?
Any Idea