Angulerfire2 version

am new to ionic development, i have been using angulerfire2 4.0.0-rc0 with latest firebase in my projects for school, but we ran into many problems, compatibility problems perhaps.
so, I have a question, is there like major differences between 4.0.0 rc0 and the latest, is it easy to upgrade - in term of differences in coding- to the latest version?

First, move over to Firestore, not Firebase. Second, Firebase 4.8.1 introduced a lot of breaking changes. One consequence of this is that 99% of the tutorials online are wrong – and I mean really wrong.

For a solid introduction to FIrebase right now, look at the javebratt intro book to Firebase, as long as it’s updated to Firebase 4.9. On the other hand, different AngularFire versions need different versions of Firebase to run, so you need to look at the AF changelog to determine how to set your system up.

Here’s a couple links to code I’ve written. Not that it’s the best in the world, but it’s recent. An extended Firestore API is here, and a pre-alpha version of “AngularFire for Stencil” is here. The second uses Firebase 4.9.0 without AngularFire (because it’s not written in Angular).


Thank you, really appreciate it.