AngularJS vs. Angular

I have an old Ionic project built by ionic 1.2.4.

Now I have to add some new features in this app, so I have searched for some resources about angularJS, and I know the latest Ionic framework has been changed to Angular, not AngularJS (angular 1).

My question is, can I use AngularJS syntax in Angular latest version?

Unfortunately no, Angular 1 (AngularJS) and Angular 2+ (Angular) are essentially different frameworks.

Check out the migration guide, you can bring some code/logic as you migrate over, but a lot will need to be rewritten.

However, the investment is worth it, as this is the last time we’ll be rewriting Ionic Framework, now that it’s built on web components.

Thanks, I will try to figure out how to rebuild my code to the Angular2+.
@netkow I have one more question, which version does Ionic start using Angular2+?

You’ll want to go right to Ionic 5 and Angular 11. Any version of Angular starting with 2 and above has essentially the same concepts.