'Angular4' coming in next year - Angular Release Schedule

I have just read a blog on angularjs.blogspot.com about Angular 4 release in March 2017, which is backward compatible to Angular 2.

Why it is versioning to Angular 4 instead of Angular 3 and all are well written by Juri Strumpflohner in his blog on http://angularjs.blogspot.com/2016/12/ok-let-me-explain-its-going-to-be.html

In this blog, he also mentioned tentative Angular Release Schedule.

Below is link for the Announcement of Angular 4 at NG-BE, Belgium’s first Angular conference.

This post is just to provide an updated information for developers those who have not know about this.

I hope and assume that Ionic Team too working hard to keep us updated time to time with new angular release.

Thank you.

Thanks for the info.


Possibly one breaking change due to switching to typescript 2.1/2.2 instead. Angular intends to work with all the partners and so Ionic team will have all the info.