Angular Wizard controls for long forms

I am looking for a wizard component for use with Angular to break up long input forms. I could make one using ng-switch etc. but I don’t want to reinvent the wheel.

Has anyone of found an angular component that works well with Ionic for this? It needs to enforce validation at page level (ie. the user cannot continue until that particular page passes validation.

This looks pretty good - but does it handle validation?


Take a look at this post about handling big forms

Thanks, will check it out - I like the look of your site, some really useful posts on there

Ok, I have implemented my own wizard in Angular and followed the same design concepts of roughly 3 input elements per “step”. I have yet to abstract the wizard to a Directive but from a UX POV it is a good experience for the user with the correct validation.

I used angular-wizard - works pretty great

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Here is how I am doing my Wizard UX for Add and Edit

Hi rodneyjoyce

Codepen please…

My app is now live - you can see the Wizard on the Add Game screen -

Did you use the angular-wizard lib? I’m not having a lot of luck using it within an ion-content container, not sure if you did something differently?

No, I ended up hand coding it for V1 to get something out the door ASAP

Gotcha, yeah I ended up just doing the same. Used slideBox, turned off sliding and paging and am handling the form steps on my own by calling the the slidebox API manually. Allows me to leverage the slide functionality and an existing API while providing me with the flexibility to do any kind of validation etc that I want. Plus, no additional libs to include.

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Hey man, great looking app. Well laid out and good UI. I also liked your video on the Google Play store… and cool choice for the background music haha! :smiley:

Nice job, keep it up!

~ Brad

Thanks for the feedback Brad!

You may like angular-wizard: /