What is the best approach to build multi step form in Ionic?


I want to build a multi step signup form where a user cannot go to second step without completing the first. Though, it can go back to step one to change anything if required. I did some research around this and was able to get things working using ui router nested states. Using states, it would be possible to go to step1 from step2 with an ionic back button in the navbar.

I also came across ionic slidebox which people mostly seem to use to create walkthroughs. I have seen them creating links in the navbar to go to next/prev slide using slidebox. Should I go ahead with slidebox approach or states approach? What would best suit such requirement?



It doesn’t matter, use the easiest solution.

Though you could use a 3rd party plugin (Ionic Wizard) made especially for this purpose.

###Click here.


Thanks for taking the time to answer and sharing the link. I can see that the plugin ionic-wizard is based on slidebox implementation. I am just curious to know a more correct or standard way of doing this.


Again, it doesn’t matter, use the easiest solution you can implement. It’s not like this feature is standardized.


For a multistep form you can use angular-wizard. It is highly customizable and you can perform multi-check on each steps.