New ionic wizard module


I created a wizard module based on ionic slides to use in my project. I added some functionality like conditions on every step, hiding navigation buttons. I would love to get some feedback or even tips how to improve it.
Take a look here if you are still interested:

Hope it is useful!


i used your wizard but i have a problem, which is that when i add ion-wizard-previous on ion-header-bar it does not appear

<button class="button button-light no-animation" ion-wizard-previous>Back</button>

i have noticed that it is hidden (ng-hide), as the below code show that

<button class="button button-icon no-animation ng-hide" ion-wizard-previous=""><i class="ion-arrow-left-b"></i> Back</button>

is there any reason that ion-header-bar directive not work with ion-wizard-previous directive


are you using navigation and templates in your app? if so, the right approach would be to use ion-nav-bar with ion-nav-buttons as documented here: