Android webview - progressive loading - why?


I have created a “simple” ionic app - from the sidemenu template.

Everything work fine in the browser, and on a iOS device - but when I load my app on an Android device it loads like a progressive image - and I don’t know way - its the hole webview that loads like that.

I have made a little video to show what I mean? - hope anyone could tell me why, and what to do.

Hmm, I’ve never seen this before, may have to do with what you have going on in your app.
Any way you could put together a simple demo in a codepen?

Hey -

I strip down the projekt to a minimum where the “error” still there …

Checkout the project at:
ionic run android

Only changes is my CSS settings.

I think it’s because of my use of CSS gradient background - it’s only a problem on my android, not WEB og iOS - Any idea on how to fix? :wink:

Yeah the only advice I could give is to remove the gradients.