Weird css behavior android (and only android)

Hi, I worked on this app for a while but I noticed this issue only now. iOS and most recent android versions(8-9) are working fine , older android versions have some issue on css after some time. I cannot tell you what cause this (plugin or html or css) but I feel like there is something with framework update…

I know I should provide as many informations as I can but that’s all I know, no errors on console, no big pictures to load and the buttons you see are just ion-buttons with round shape…
Android 6.0 is missing the box-shadow, android 7.0 preload shadows (or there is a delay with page loading, most likely).

It used to work fine until last update a couple of weeks ago for old android versions too…



UPDATE: I tried to start a new project from scratch with no plugin at all, no dependencies , nothing. I’ve set the ion-content to dark and I put some ion-buttons for routing and I’m still getting the box-shadow of the buttons before the page is loaded ( or still the page is slow to load ).

I’m sure this was working fine 2-3 weeks ago, I didn’t check the env back then though because I thought things could only get better and not worse over time… Anyone has an idea of which package is causing the issue?

UPDATE2: I’m pretty sure that’s a transition issue, I tried to change the navigation function from this.navCtrl.navigateForward(’/’ + p); to this.navCtrl.navigateRoot(’/’ + p); and without the transition animation I’m not getting the weird shadow before the page load.

@mhartington : I don’t know if I’m allowed to tag you and if I’m not , please forgive me. I’d like to be sure I’m just misusing new routing (or something like that) and that’s not an actual framework issue. Thank you very much, I won’t spam anymore :D.
To reproduce this just start a new project, create a page to navigate with “navCtrl.navigateForward” and put there ion-buttons.