Ionic Framework Platform compatibility


Hi guys,

Is there a reason why you support Android 4.1+ instead of 4.0+ ? Do you have an article somewhere stating the differences and non-supported items per platform?

I’m about to build a huge app with Ionic Framework but our client requires Android 4.0 support. We live in the caribbean and over here, people tend to have ‘older’ software and phones (heck, Blackberry is still in the top 3 most popular phones. That says enough ;-)).


What platforms and versions are officially supported and what are the difficulties when trying to support older platforms / platform versions?


How about deploy an ionic app in android 4.0.x?

Actually the core reason was because we didn’t have a 4.0 phone. But we do now :smile:

So we’ll do a bit more testing on our 4.0 phone and when we’re confident its working we’ll update the text to say we support 4.0+

But as of the nightly build, I haven’t ran into any issues with Android 4.0.


That would be awesome and get rid of some of my hesitation to use Ionic. I target android and don’t want to leave out a ton of users.

4.0 would include about 80% it looks like…